Bread n Butter Pickles

I have turned non-eating pickle eaters into pickle lovers with this recipe!  Handed down from my grandmother and mother, I’ve tweaked it over the years for crispness and more kick.

Bread n Butter Pickles
Bread n Butter Pickles 2

125 Pickling Cucumbers divided into 5 bowls of 25 Cucumbers each

10 Sliced white onions, 2 per bowl.  Add 1 gallon of water to each bowl w/ 1 Cup salt mixed in.  (This is the Brine)

Let cucumbers sit in the brine for at least 3 hours, drain and add cucumber slices and onions to fill pint jars.

Syrup: (It took 3-4 times the recipe I’m stating below to get all the pints filled)995569_278655732259371_2047498450_n

IN A POT, heat to boiling: 3 Quarts White Vinegar, 6 Cups Sugar, 3-4 Tbl. each Tumeric, mustard seed and celery seed. 9 Cinnamon bark.

Once boiled, pour into pint jars leaving 1/4″ space between liquid and top of rims (this is to ensure a good seal)

Boil lids and jar rings (sterilize)

Before placing sterilized lids on jars, use a CLEB and B picklesAN HOT cloth to wipe any spills/juice/etc…off the rims of each pint jar. Use tongs to place lids and rings on top of jar lids. Don’t over tighten rings on lids! Put each sealed jar into a hot water bath for 15-20 min.

Take pickles out of water bath and set on a clean towel (this will help with the temperature not dropping too fast and prevent cracked jars) Listen for jars to seal with a “POP”. Any jars that remain unsealed must be used/refrigerated. Jars that seal may be stored up to a year!B and B pickles

**This recipe is for 47 pints!


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