Venison Breakfast Sausage From Hunt to Table!

I finally pulled out my sausage attachment for my KitchenAid.  What a great way to start a cold morning!  I decided it was time for some Venison breakfast sausage so, I’ve decided to share my recipe with anyone who wants it.

First, I had this Venison to process.  I didn’t use the leg you’re looking at above.  I used more off the trim and neck for this sausage. (When trimming deer, make sure to get as much silver skin off as possible) I also added pork butt at about a 50/50 ratio.  Hindsight, I’d probably use a little more pork than venison due to the fat content.  Venison is very lean and although this sausage was great in flavor, it could have used a little more “grease” when cooked.  It almost ended up too dry!Ground Venison


I used about a total of  3  pounds of a combo Pork Butt & Venison

4 tsp sea salt, 3 tsp cracked black pepper, 2 T. Sage and Thyme

1 T. Rosemary,  1/4 C. Brown Sugar, 1 T. Nutmeg, 3 tsp. Cayenne,

1 T. red pepper flakes and about 2 tsp. smoked paprika

Run the meat through the grinder and add all the above ingredients, then mix in the bowl til thoroughly combined.

                                       10410407_552689438195924_8483758714974753851_nVenison and Pork ground

Now, I bought my sausage casings at a local hunting store.  The size will depend on your own attachment.  The type of casing will also depend on what your personal preference is.  In this case, I used an edible clear collagen casing that required no soaking in water.  I attached the end of the casing and started loading the ground meat into the top of the sausage attachment.  (Be sure not to use a high speed for this because it goes pretty quickly at this point!)


As you can see, it required the help of my daughter for some extra hands!  Pay attention to how packed your sausage is as you will learn rather quickly when to twist and when things are too packed for twisting.  We figured out twisting is a learned art after exploding our first two attempts at these links!

1375803_552689534862581_1319721537821040554_n 10402052_552689568195911_5613433034446677312_n

What we ended up with was incredible!  It takes a little time and patience but, if I can do this first try, anyone can!  The flavor is off the charts!  (And if you like little to no kick, I’d suggest trimming the red pepper flakes and cayenne back a bit, or just omit it completely)


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