Homemade & Natural Dog Treats! Healthier and Cheaper ♥

So today, my kids and I were looking up homemade recipes for dog treats.  I really wasn’t in the mood to run to the store for wheat flour or anything else I was finding.  What you all may not know about us?  I use A LOT of Thrive products.  (More on that later).  Here’s what the kids and I came up with:

Thrive Dog Biscuits:

2 C. Flour

1/2 C. Thrive Peanut Flour

1 Tsp salt

1 Egg

1 Tsp. Thrive Beef or Chicken Bouillon

1/2 Cup Water

1/4 Cup Thrive Peas

Mix all ingredients until a well blended dough forms.  Knead the dough on a floured surface and roll the dough out.  Use whatever cookie cutter you like, we used a gingerbread man cookie cutter.

Thrive Peanut Flour Dog Treats                Thrive dog treats

Line a cookie sheet with parchment paper and bake the treats @ 350 degrees for 30 minutes.

Thrive Dog Treats 2

 Let them cool and let your fur babies be the judge!

   Lip smackin Good      

Lip Smackin Good they said!  Til next time!

If you’d like more information on Thrive Products, please visit my website:

MrsMoore’s Thrive

All Thrive products are NON GMO and Natural.  There’s a line for Organic and Gluten Free also!


5 thoughts on “Homemade & Natural Dog Treats! Healthier and Cheaper ♥

  1. Sounds really good. I will have to try it for my little Willow, if I can find some peanut flour around here. You look like you have wonderful dogs. I like the look of the little black one up front with his ears back and tail wagging. Take care. Bob


    1. Hey Bob! I love reading your blog. Takes me to a very nice place every time, I feel like I’m there. If you can’t find peanut flour, I have it on my link at the end of this blog post. It’s not very expensive (cheaper than peanut butter in a jar). The little black dog is “Harley”. He’s our mini-dachshund and our only boy 😉 He’s the character of the pack, for sure!


      1. Hi Monie. I am so glad you like my blog. The feeling is mutual. I had a feeling the little dog was a dachshund! I bet he is a character! I’ll keep an eye out for the peanut flour and let you know if Willow likes the treats. All the best.


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