Woodsman’s Log Cake

My son is celebrating his 12th birthday and I made it a mission to make him the coolest cake he has ever seen!  He is getting too old for the traditional “cookie cutter” cakes and I wanted to continue to promote our lifestyle outdoors with something special.  This Woodsman Log Cake knocked it out of the park!! This recipe is for vanilla cake with chocolate cream cheese frosting as my son requested.

First:  Preheat oven to 350 degrees and prepare two 9″ round cake pans with greasing and flouring them


Beat 2 Cups sugar and 4 eggs with paddle attachment for about one minute or until thickened.  Add 2 1/2 C. flour, 1 C. Milk, 3/4 C. Vegetable Oil, 2 1/4 tsp. Baking Powder and 1 tsp. Vanilla  Blend until smooth and creamy without over beating the batter.  IMG_2229

Pour batter into prepared cake pans and bake approximately 30 minutes.  Once done, turn them upside down onto a cooling rack.  (I ended up doing 5 layers for the log so, we made this recipe X’s 3)


Next, you’re going to start the frosting.  Sift together 3 Cups Powdered Sugar and 1/2 C. Unsweetened Cocoa Powder.  In a mixing bowl, combine one 8 oz. package Cream Cheese (at room temp) and one stick unsalted butter (1/2 Cup).  Beat until creamy and slowly add the powdered sugar mix you’ve previously sifted.  Add one tsp. Vanilla and beat until smooth.  Now you have Whipped Chocolate Cream Cheese Frosting!

Melt:  1-2 Cups Chocolate Chips and put in a piping bag.  I used a tip that looked long and flat to resemble tree bark.  Pipe melted chocolate chips onto wax paper and set in fridge to harden.  It doesn’t have to be pretty, you’ll see why in just a bit.IMG_2223

Now, I chose my cake board to be a cut log we had.  Add a little frosting to the top of the board as it will help your layers stay in place a little easier.  Assemble 5-6 layers with frosting.IMG_2237

Once your layers are frosted, get your “bark strips” out of the fridge and place them all around the cake.IMG_2238 IMG_2240

Melt more chocolate chips and use a brush to coat all around your bark. This step makes it really come to life! IMG_2246

Now, you’re ready for the fire on top!  My daughter dipped pretzel sticks into melted chocolate and let them dry.  IMG_2254

Heat the oven to 300 degrees again and crush up 20 each of butterscotch hard candy and cinnamon hard candy.  Once crushed, I put the yellow candy in the center and cinnamon on the outside.  Bake it in the oven on parchment paper for approximately 8 minutes or until you can swirl the melted candy together.  Don’t let it burn or bubble!  Take the candy out of the oven, let it dry and smash it!IMG_2250

Assemble the campfire using pretzel sticks and candy:IMG_2274

I did some mini smores around the log just for aesthetics.  I added a little frosting to the chocolate to help hold the marshmallows in place better.  Ta-Da!!  What a cake!!  Happy Birthday Son!IMG_2275




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