Turkeys & A New Habitat

baby turkeys
Turkeys Day One on the homestead

   Purchasing our turkeys was a highlight since our move to the country.  I couldn’t wait for these babies to grow up and get in our freezer!  The trouble started when I realized we had them trained to the sound of a meal-worm bag, which made it quite easy to get them home after they would wander off every morning.  Yes.  We decided we were going to let the birds free range which hindsight, wasn’t a great idea.


6 months old

After their last venture miles from the homestead, we decided it was time to build them a “turkey habitat”.  We lost 2 hens and our tom to a neighbors dog or some type of wild animal and we felt completely responsible for allowing them to free range.  Their new house is complete including nice long branches for them to roost on!


Settling into their new home

Whatever we did, it seems to have worked very well!  We woke up a few days ago to four turkey eggs in a nest!  Hens usually lay 10-15 eggs called a “clutch”.  She won’t start incubating them until the entire clutch is laid.  Needless to say, I’m ecstatic!  Our original plan was to source them for the freezer but with the loss of over half the flock, we decided to wait and try to purchase more.  If these eggs all hatch?  Score!

♥ Turkey Eggs ♥


UPDATE:  Jan. 30th, 2016.  We now have seen 15 turkey eggs in the nest and as of yesterday, one of our hens is incubating!  Go turkeys!!






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