Labor Day & More Bacon Seeds!

Well?  She did it!  Applesauce had a healthy litter of 10 pigs.  So far, it’s looking like 7 female and 3 male.  I’ll take those odds!  We spent so much time getting ready for this to happen.  We still had her three babies from March that we needed to separate, so time was super crucial here. Sorry for the cruddy photos, I had my cell phone and it was already pretty dark.



Prior to getting her special birthing pen ready again, we had to move our big boy.  His name is Jimmy Dean and he’s actually growing tusks at this point!  Try to move a 500-600 pound boar who doesn’t feel like moving?  Yep, we almost lost a hand a few times.


Needless to say, this is the daddy and we couldn’t be happier with the results.  He’s come a VERY long way in a short year with us.  The photo below is when he first came to our homestead.

Jimmy Dean meets his ladies

Now?  He passes the girls in height and weight!  Crazy pig.  Excuse the mud, this was minutes after his move to the woods.  I was pretty much over trying to direct boar movement at this point.  L O L




We knew by Friday, she was getting close.  Her milk was starting to come in and by early Monday morning, she was grabbing hay as fast as we could give it to her to build her “nest”.   For those who follow us, last time you know she only had three young ones.  Oh, not today!  We are happy to report all 10 were born strong and ready to see the world!



It’s amazing when something so genuine hits our homestead.  We have had so many struggles in the last month or two they are almost uncountable.  I will be posting a tribute to our Great Dane we lost the day after my birthday.  But, with death, comes life.  We needed these little breaths of fresh air (although, I don’t recommend inhaling near pig domains) 🙂  This post is short.  And I am super excited to have new life on our little homestead.  Just what the doctor ordered!


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