Fatties. A “Smoking” Breakfast!

I found the mother load of breakfasts!  With a hungry husband and a teenage son, there is never a moment in our home where both boys aren’t 100% full.  Until now.  I woke up last week and decided to make a breakfast that should “stick to their ribs”.  Oh boy!  Not only was this perfect for our family but, it’s also something you can prep ahead and freeze!  Two birds, one stone!  Awesome!  The best part about this recipe is you can add pretty much whatever you like.


Let’s talk sausage for a moment, shall we?  I took two sausage rolls (I used Jimmy Dean’s hot sausage since we haven’t culled one of our pigs yet).  Get it all into a gallon size Ziploc.  Doing this will help when it comes time to make your log.


For this step, you can make your own hash-browns like I did, or just use the pre-made frozen kind.  It all depends on preference.  I had some potatoes I needed to use before they went bad so, I decided to peel and shred them.  I added a little salt and pepper, oil in the skillet, and cooked them to an “almost” done state.  I didn’t let them get crispy since I knew they were going to cook again on our smoker.


Next, I added onions and bell peppers.  This is the kind of recipe you can add really, whatever you want.  Again, I had some veggies left from our garden and decided to use them.


Now, it’s time to assemble.  What you can’t really see here is the cheese mixture I made first.  Cut the Ziploc off the sausage so it maintains the square shape.  I mixed cream cheese and grated cheddar cheese together and then pressed it w/my hands to a flat-like cheese mix.  I laid this on the sausage first.  Then, add the hash-brown, onions, peppers.  Make some scrambled eggs and throw those on there too.  (Remember, this is breakfast!)

Roll this into a log with all the goodness inside.  Sure, some might poke out the sides but feel free to cram it back in there.  **To do this, I used saran wrap to help me shape and form the log, then transferred it to a sheet of tinfoil.  

Time for bacon!  Weave your bacon around your log and tuck it under to the bottom.  By this point my log was looking ready for the smoker.  Holy…let me tell you how excited I was!


There’s nothing better than smoking meat, in my humble opinion.   All that’s left to do from here is secure it in the tinfoil and place it on your smoker.  Let it go about 6 hours.  I started mine at about 175 degrees and then kicked it up to 225 degrees.

Once it’s done?  Slice it like bread and serve.  This was such a hit at our house, I went ahead and prepped 4 more for the freezer.  Once the bacon is added, just wrap it up and freeze it.  Next time?  All there is to do is cook it!    This meal is guaranteed to fill up the troops.  I appreciate things like this more than anything these days!  Especially during hunting season.  Can’t send the boys out and risk those tummy’s growling!


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