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MonieandHubbyHi there.  Funny, I’m not quite so good at talking about myself.  There’s never a sure fire way to entertain with an entrance like mine. Hello, I’m Monie. What is your name?  Pretty lame.  Seriously though?  I’m originally a surfer girl from the OC who has moved around the States only to find out that I’m in love with the Country life.  I met my husband during my travels and finally planted some roots in the ground here in Texas.   So now?  Now, I’ve had the pleasure of living out my dream life learning how to Homestead with my little family of four.   Both my husband and I lost our mother’s shortly after we were married so, we have been each other’s “rock” since.

Together, we’re unstoppable.  We laugh, cry and act a little (lot) silly most the time.  We are both working in the Corporate world which means our lives have taken on at least 3 full time jobs.  We’ve bought ourselves a piece of heaven we call the MmmHomestead.  We are hell bent on teaching and instilling the values in our kids we didn’t feel were happening with the “city” life.   Believe me, it’s a challenge.  But, the rewards?  The rewards of watching our kids unplug and learn skills, the rewards of sitting on your porch watching a sunrise or sunset….

We look forward to helping those starting out their homesteading dreams!  We love to share our knowledge and our mishaps. Life isn’t perfect and neither are we.  One thing to rest assured with?  We are good, honest people.  We want a better life for our children and each other.  Here’s to continuous learning the homestead life!


12 thoughts on “About Us

  1. Hello from a fellow Texan!! In asking for great homesteading sites I was given the name of your blog from one of your followers. One of my own blog readers suggested I write a post that lists other homesteading sites in various areas, saying it would be helpful to readers to check out other homesteading blogs in their own area as well, and I agree!! So I am about to publish a post on my own blog listing other homesteading blog pages for all regions, and I’d like to include your page. Would that be OK? If so, can you give me just a line or two that would best describe your location and blog topics?


    ~Taylor-Made Homestead~

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  2. Hi Taylor-Made 🙂 I’m floored, really! I’d be honored to be listed on your blog! The things that best describe our blog? Homesteading, kids, cooking and canning, natural remedies, animals, livestock and gardening. We’re from South East Texas. Pretty much our trials, successes and errors are made here. We are learning as we go and living out our dreams being as self-sustainable as we can. 😉


  3. Monie, I’m so proud, amazed and happy for you. You’ve never surprised me with your drive and the absolute faith that you can do anything. Your little family of four was destined. Hubby is truly your soul mate. Keep on keeping on, I love watching your journey unfolded.

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  4. Laura, I just love you so much! Thank you for the kind words. This entire life of mine has been one trial and tribulation after another. It’s so nice to finally be where I feel I am my “real” self and completed. I love the learning curve on our homestead. I love being loved 100%. You, my friend, I am happy to know and so glad you’re still in my life ♥


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